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Increasing awareness about Organ Donation



What is the “Give a Little” project?

This website was born in response to the growing need for organ donors in India, and the almost negligible awareness that exists on the subject.

In the absence of an adequate donor bank, countless human beings are left with no choice but to wither away and die. The “Give a Little” project aims to change that by increasing awareness about organ donation.

If even one person benefits from an organ donation that was pledged thanks to this project, it would mean that someone, somewhere has given another human being, a gift of Life…


Why should you consider donating your organs?

The real question should be: Why not?!

Think about it: It doesn’t cost you a thing, and it can save several people’s lives!

Countless lives have been lost because a right organ match could not be found in time. You can help change that, by simply ticking a check box on a donor card.

It’s an easy 3-step process:

Step 1 – Download and print a donor card
Step 2 – Fill in your preferences
Step 3 – Inform your loved ones about your choice

And, don’t forget to record your donor status on the sidebar. It will help us keep track of this project’s impact.


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